Your Work Husband’s Work Husband

Bryan & Krissy know ALL about being each other’s work-spouse, and after this many years there’s just no escape. Almost everyone has a work-spouse, but it’s not always as easy as Bryan & Krissy make it seem, and the people take to tiktok to air out their grievances! It’s all fun and games until you introduce yourself as “the other love of his life” to your work husband’s *actual wife.*

  • TCB relives their work wife-work husband history.
  • An ask TCB brought this back to the forefront…thanks Kate
  • What’s the difference between an emotional affair and a work spouse?
  • Bryan, Krissy, and Jeff had a past life together as a FFM throuple
  • Ask TCB: Kate and Tim’s work husband dilemma.
  • Bryan’s advice: never walk out the door angry
  • TCB reviews other work-spouse drama!
  • Posting about it on tiktok is *definitely* the key to making it work…
  • Finding a relationship where people are not jealous is a treasure
  • Sometimes a work husband to your husband is just a pal


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Jane Davis

I first listened to TCB back in late 2020. I gave up after 3 epsiodes. Too scattered, but it was funny some of the time. I caught an episode in my downloads in Jan 22′ and it’s so good! I am seriously a hard core TCB fan now!Like a good wine it’s getting better with time.

Amelia Clark

I heard about this podcast from a different podcast that I listen to, and I am not disappointed. I listen to each episode twice once while I am sober and a second time while I am stoned and I feel like I get a little bonus episode when I’m stoned because that’s when it is especially funny.

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