Wheelin’ Dealin’ Warlocks

Don’t worry everyone, we’ve got a captain of industry in the warlock world to save us from the devil of disney and Jared Leto.

  • Jared Leto climbed the empire state building?
  • Unregulated fair rides
  • Bryan is not a fan of heights
  • 30 Seconds To Mars or 33P?
  • This economy!
  • Warlocks! Milk! Tetas!
  • Hocus Pocus 2 is ruining everything
  • The demonic kingdom?!
  • What is this man saying?
  • A captain of industry in the warlock world!
  • It’ll change your DNA
  • Third quarter, it’s the killing season
  • Paul Cruz, Satan Sales
  • The devil took his eyesight!
  • The Disney Devil
  • The Bitch is Back!
  • We’re gonna think about our one chip challenge…
  • Stay tuned for our $1000 audio scavenger hunt!



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  • Creator: Bryan Green
  • Co-Host: Bryan Green
  • Co-Host: Krissy Hoadley
  • Written By: Bryan Green
  • Exec Producers: Bryan Green & Krissy Hoadley
  • Content Production & Research: Tina Khano
  • YouTube Producer & Editor: Morgan Please
  • Producer & Audio Editor: Christina A.
  • Executive Director: Astrid B.
  • Associate Producer: Gustavo
  • Episodic Contribution: Marianne, Diane, Natalie, Will The Champ, Will D**


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Jane Davis

I first listened to TCB back in late 2020. I gave up after 3 epsiodes. Too scattered, but it was funny some of the time. I caught an episode in my downloads in Jan 22′ and it’s so good! I am seriously a hard core TCB fan now!Like a good wine it’s getting better with time.

Amelia Clark

I heard about this podcast from a different podcast that I listen to, and I am not disappointed. I listen to each episode twice once while I am sober and a second time while I am stoned and I feel like I get a little bonus episode when I’m stoned because that’s when it is especially funny.

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