The Badly Edited StarSeed!

You might be, probably are, could be, possibly a StarSeed! The thing is, you have to specific about your thing. That way you can be special. But not like, SPECIAL special. Make sense?? Of course it doesn’t! But Started Queen herself is here to explain all about it. You won’t understand a damn thing she says…but it will be fun.

  • A man in Michigan is caught having relations with an Elmo doll
  • Having sex with ANY client is horrible idea
  • Carl stops by to call Elmo
  • The short lived “TCB porn” intro is back…and gone again
  • Starseed is back to tell you if you’re a Starseed. (You’re Not)
  • Life is specific, be specific, but not TOO specific
  • Bad editing follows Starseed


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Jane Davis

I first listened to TCB back in late 2020. I gave up after 3 epsiodes. Too scattered, but it was funny some of the time. I caught an episode in my downloads in Jan 22′ and it’s so good! I am seriously a hard core TCB fan now!Like a good wine it’s getting better with time.

Amelia Clark

I heard about this podcast from a different podcast that I listen to, and I am not disappointed. I listen to each episode twice once while I am sober and a second time while I am stoned and I feel like I get a little bonus episode when I’m stoned because that’s when it is especially funny.

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