High & Tight & Swiping Right!

Who better to give dating profile advice to the ladies than an aging rockstar wannabe, chauvinist? That’s right Frankie B is back some of the most aggressive chauvinism TCB has ever covered! He’s on the war path after his break up and Bryan and Krissy have him pinned….

  • Bryan is back from some nightmare business travel
  • One lady is not flying the friendly skies any time soon!
  • When you see plane technician heading your way…pray!
  • One particularly tough Delta attendant is needed every time a plane is boarded
  • Planes, minivans and janitor closets, oh my!
  • Frankie B just went through a bad break up leading to a video barrage
  • Hey ladies, don’t drink, smoke, wear bathing suits or have opinions on your dating profile!
  • Frankie goes through a class A melt down over his ex…on an advice video!


  • Creator: Bryan Green
  • Co-Host: Bryan Green
  • Co-Host: Krissy Hoadley
  • Written By: Bryan Green
  • Exec Producers: Bryan Green & Krissy Hoadley

  • Content Production & Research: Tina Khano
  • YouTube Producer & Editor: Morgan Please
  • Audio Editing: Christina A.
  • Executive Functions: Astrid B.
  • Associate Producer: Gustavo

  • Special Thanks To Our Associate Content Producers:
  • Tina Rose
  • Big Will The Champ
  • Marianne
  • Duke Luke
  • Gustavo

  • Special Thanks To Our Commercial Breakers
  • Roxanne
  • Dave
  • Sydney
  • Ronald M
  • Stu
  • Carly
  • Mia
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  • Charlene

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Jane Davis

I first listened to TCB back in late 2020. I gave up after 3 epsiodes. Too scattered, but it was funny some of the time. I caught an episode in my downloads in Jan 22′ and it’s so good! I am seriously a hard core TCB fan now!Like a good wine it’s getting better with time.

Amelia Clark

I heard about this podcast from a different podcast that I listen to, and I am not disappointed. I listen to each episode twice once while I am sober and a second time while I am stoned and I feel like I get a little bonus episode when I’m stoned because that’s when it is especially funny.

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