Friends With Horrible Benefits!

We’ve all the known the awkward feeling of having a crush on a friend. The solution to getting out of the “friend zone”? Move out of the country for a few years, ignore their calls and texts, then take your friend bowling when you get back! That’s just part of the INSANE advice Adam The Liar has for us on this episode of TCB.

  • How do you get a podcaster to shut up? You can’t!
  • Bryan visits Podcast Movement 22 and runs into “radio voice” everywhere he turns
  • Casey Kasum the most famous radio voice of the mid-1900’s has a potty mouth
  • Adam The Liar is back with a doozy! How to bed your best friend
  • Moving to a new country is a big deal. Unless your doing it to get out of the friend zone
  • Step 5 of getting your friend in the sack? Take them bowling!

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Jane Davis

I first listened to TCB back in late 2020. I gave up after 3 epsiodes. Too scattered, but it was funny some of the time. I caught an episode in my downloads in Jan 22′ and it’s so good! I am seriously a hard core TCB fan now!Like a good wine it’s getting better with time.

Amelia Clark

I heard about this podcast from a different podcast that I listen to, and I am not disappointed. I listen to each episode twice once while I am sober and a second time while I am stoned and I feel like I get a little bonus episode when I’m stoned because that’s when it is especially funny.

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